Sunday, June 10, 2007

WWWKIP day~!

Yesterday was WWWKIP day, and our plan was to take the MRT (the local subway/metro) and knit in public. Did we invite weird stares? I'm not so sure, cos I wasn't really paying attention. But I should think we did :P After all, seeing one person knit on the train is already odd. seeing more than one and all together, is indeed something new!

So here are all the knitters (sans moi because I didn't take a picture of myself)

WWWKIP day I - Concentration WWWKIP day II
Karyn, Cindy, MLC and Lois

And then here we are at the end-point, Dhoby Ghaut.


We then had lunch and proceeded for more knitting at a cafe, as we always use to. I certainly thought this was a great exercise and I hope if we have another one next year, there would be more of us. ;) Thanks to Lois too, that we're listed on the WWWKIP site this time. yeay!

I've got loads of new yarns as well... My Bendigo and Anne arrived!


More Anne Looks

On another note... something's up for frogging...
yes the neverending sweater...


To be continued...


karyn said...

ahh! my hair is a mess! :P but it was fun knitting on the train anyway.

Dipsy said...

Awww, this sounds like such a lot of fun! And I love the yarn that you got, very beautiful!

louise said...

The yarn you got is beautiful and I am jealous of the Knit in Public Day, that would have been so much fun.

Susan and I went yarn shopping today and are working on your list, we will have to go again next week