Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok Lois tagged me...

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a post with the same.
3. At the end of the post tag 7 people.

1. I don’t like being both wet and dry at the same time, like walking barefooted on wet tiles or sitting dripping wet in the sun. That’s probably the reason why I don’t like going to swimming pools. It’s the greasy feeling actually, which means beaches are quite ok.J I also don’t like to step on lines (like in between tiles) and often try not to.

2. I have about a thousand or more (I stopped counting) pieces of DVDs and CDs (including boxsets) – They all have to be arranged by genre and in alphabetical order (by Artistes or Title for music or movies respectively.) The same goes for my books but they have been a bit messy after I moved. And yes, if you were wondering, my needles are all arranged by type and ascending sizes.

3. I love horror movies and thrill rides – so sometimes I scare AS (weird kid I am…). I even went around pretending to be Sadako for awhile. I also like war movies but despite all the blood and gore, I don’t like seeing animals die.

4. I don’t like chocolate. But I make exceptions for European dark chocolate. And Milo. And sometimes Fran.

5. I love most machines, ranging from cars to tanks to computers. Some classmates started to call me Techno TaiTai or the class InfoGeek recently. I’m not quite geeky enough really but I would love to do 13375p34k or become a Trekkie.

6. I played the piano since I was 4, the Flute since I was 13 and the Piccolo around 15. I haven’t touched anyone of them since I moved (which is about 2 years ago). I have all the instruments I play (well technically, since my piano is at my mum's place)

7. I don’t like red or pink but I make limited exceptions for the following: Burgundy, Maroon, Fuschia, Dusty Rose.

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Dipsy said...

This was totally interesting to read through, thanks for sharing! My gosh, who would have thought there's people on earth who don't like chocolate? Okay, most of them ;) My life would be a lot easier if I wouldn't be addicted to that stuff ;) And woah, I'm totally impressed by your organization skills - I can only dream of having my books and stuff in alphabetical order, and believe me, I tried! I really tried! Oy ;)))

alt.ayu said...

Hehe no worries, I've heard from many who love chocolates too! I had a friend who decided to eat a bar of chocolates everyday!

Well, I can come and organize your stuff for u hahaha ;)