Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dear Ayumi....

Please knit faster... I don't think I have much space for your yarns that 'are not really stash' anymore. Didn't you just read that as long as they take up space, they are considered stash? And also, if the yarn is a gift, it will still end up as stash no?

Please knit faster... I'm holding up but I'm not sure how much longer...

Your Yarn Shelf

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I have been working on these socks for awhile... Lois 'threatened' that she didn't want to see it again at the next KO lol.


The pattern was great and the yarn was nice to work with. I initially had a tiny misunderstanding with the pattern and wrote to the designer, Mona about it. She was very kind and replied really quickly. And when I realized how silly I was, it was fortunately nearing the end of the leg. hehehe...


I worked two socks at once on two sets of dpns. I know summerknit warned me about using two sets of dpns from two different brands... (they might have a slight difference thus causing some tension problems) But so far, and I hope NOT to have such a problem in future, I have been blessed by the Goddess of non-SSS.

Oolong by Mona Schmidt


Made with Cherry Tree Hill in Green Mountain Madness

I have another 2 pairs of socks in the making... no progress on the cardigan. :( But I keep telling myself, a stitch is a stitch, so I gotta keep going. hehe.


I've been so slow at knitting and absolutely lazy at blogging. I'm now a full-time maid at home and still have to go to work. AS has gone for his surgery at the ankle and I not only have one less pair of hands to help around the house but one more to care for. BLEAH....

I finished this awhile ago, just before I started my work (and I've been here 2 months already!)

I've worn it a few times at work and never ever had a chance to take pictures.


Rib Shrug

This is the two-toned ribbed shrug from Fitted Knits. I did it with Cotton ease and actually kinda like the yarn!

I have finished my Oolong socks. Might blog it this evening. Hopefully