Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flopps the Bunny

IroIro gave me this kit months ago when a few of us went to her place and she taught Ellie and I miniature bear making. I started working after that and had three bears as wip projects, this being one of them. I was no longer making bears by the week but as time passes, and as I worked on each project bit by bit, I eventually ended up with an almost finished 'bear' two weeks ago. So here is Flopps the Bunny, as dear Pat has christened, today. :)

Flopps the Bunny

Flopps is a sweet and gentle bunny, and I think he likes to read. He loves daydreaming as well. He likes drinking warm milk for tea and munching on crispy carrots.

Flopps the Bunny

I love Flopps' tail!!

Flopps the Bunny : Tail Shot

Flopps the Bunny

Flopps the Bunny

Date of Birth: 19 July 2009
Height: 7 inches
Original Pattern: Wilbur Rabbit by Kympatti Bears

I used to think that I will only make bears... but Flopps has made me reconsider that. I think I would give different animals a chance, although bears will still be remain my faves to make. :)


KnittingJenny said...

Wow. That is the cutest bunny. Ever.

Susan said...

So sweet! A gentle addition to the family.

iro iro said...

flopps is so adorable! i am SO proud of you LOL. keep them coming, i need the inspiration!!

Yvette said...

O those adorable big feet.

R a i n said...

Flopps is so floppin' cute!!

ellie-san said...

hihi flopps...u're so cute!
goodjob! and kudos to pat for the lovely name!