Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stand up for Summer of Socks!

Stand up for Summer of Socks!
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My socks can stand on their own!

Hahaha... On the left is Breeze from Knitty, Summer 2007 and on the right is Seduction from IK, Spring 2007.

Both are worked with KnitPicks Palette (Breeze in Hyacinth and Seduction in Sunlight) because I found these yarn in the stash just before the start of SOS.

This is what it usually looks like when I'm working with yarn. I really find reading from the computer screen much easier than from a printed pattern. (Yesterday, because I was feeling a little sleepy from the medication, I was too lazy to be working online so i took the printed copy of breeze and had it stand at the screen. - sigh~~ such a geek!)

I'm going to try and finish the first Breeze today... :) wish me luck!


Susan said...

Wow! These socks are crazy complicated, but worth it because they are so lovely. I can't believe you are working two different patterns at once! You rock!

Rain said...

Gorgeous! Both of them =D

alt.ayu said...

Susan: :) I'm just very distracted all the time hehe ;)

rain: Thanks!!