Monday, April 30, 2007

Knitting and Donuts

- are very therapeutic together.

At least I think so.

We had another knit out yesterday and I solved my sock problem - all thanks to Louise! :D

Knit Meet I

And we also had donuts~~ from the shop that has a neverending queue...

Donut Factory I

Thanks Lois~~

More photos here.

We trudged to GD again after the session and I was yarn squishing again... Sublime is really nice. *squish*squish*

I tried to finish the gusset for Thuja after dinner but I was really sleepy and not paying attention and the pattern didn't match. So I had to rip it and do the gusset all over again. Then - there was this hole there that didn't disappear. @#&*$

Nevermind. I think I'll do something to it when I'm all done. What's more important is that AS has a PAIR of socks.

Meanwhile work is going to go slower now that I need to do my presentation, term paper, assignment and prep for exams.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not much time but lots to say

firstly, there wasn't any knitting done during the Hawaii Week. No knit shopping either. however, I did manage to finish one Needlecraft Mystery (Unraveled Sleeve) and have started on the second (Murderous Yarn). But things are ok, I came back and on the second day we already had a knitout. So I had a chance to rekindle the knit spirit.

We also received our Zephyr that day~ and of course they came in cones.

Cones and Cones of Zephyr

My choice was actually Ice Blue but I love the other colors as well.

Yarn focus I

I can't wait to get started on lace projects! (and start I will - as you will find out later.)

We had a great time there winding all the yarn (hahaha) - we kinda looked like a yarn factory. Someone stopped by to ask if we organized the meetup and 'displayed much interest'. He (yes, he.) wondered why we kept looking at the accompanying girl at the table and not really talking to him. I thought i might ask him to do the winding for us. HAHA And here are the yarn cakes

Cakes of Zephyr~!

We had a guest at the knitout that day and she's none other that Louise. She gave us little stitch markers she made herself! They were so cute!! I'll have to take a picture and put them up next time. :)

Oh! We stopped by at Spotlight that day too, to check out the Lion Brand yarns that were new. I got myself Magic Stripes to try out.

Lion Brand Magic stripes

Anyways I think I need to update my projects. I don't quite function in chaos, so says the lists person. The Andean Shawl has to go - there's a mistake and I'm thinking the Kimono Shawl would be better suited for the gift. After all I can use the yarn for something else. So here's the Cake.

Cotton Cake

As for Socks, I'm working on RPMs and Thuja now. The Thuja is started to redeem myself for the long long long time i'm taking on the Sweater.


Socks for the Other

Thuja's worked with Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK. The yarn's wonderful to work with and I've got my Clover Takumi DPNs 4.00mm to work with me as well. So things are going ok.


No picture yet

The RPMs are worked with the Regia yarn I got from my SP. I've got two needles, Addis and the regular Aero. I prefer the Addis of course but I'm a little paranoid about SSS. I hope my Thujas don't suffer from SSS because I have no time to get another set of DPNs...

And since i'm at it.

Elderberry for Kimono

My Kimono's worked on 3.75mm needles with Elderberry Zephyr. So far I've not started on a single repeat yet hahaha ... :P I'm really far behind the others who have started but ok, it'll come heh.

Alrighty, I think that's about enough updates for now. Have to go back to the orig blog.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Sock Done!

There are two good thing about these little projects. It makes me do my work quicker so that I can have time to finish 'one section' of the project. It also makes me finish the piece quicker because I tend to want to do 'the next section' and the next and the next and the next... And there I go - feverishly knitting away

by the time American Idol had its first break I was here

Binding off!

Then by the second break i was here

To Bind in Ends

and by the time the show ended I was here! :D

All done!

Being my first sock, i was definitely proud of it. even though it's too small for me to wear. even though there was a little mistake. Even though there's this inexplicable 'hole' somewhere (it's somewhat smaller now, thankfully.) This sock taught me how to use dpns, how to knit a sock and the basic construction of one, it also taught me the three needle bind off. So it's a Great little Sock.

I think the wrong side looked better than the right side tho'.

The wrong side looks better

Silly me realized that there's still more than enough yarn for another sock. (the pattern says 25g) I'll probably start on that after I come back from Honolulu. I like odd numbers, but 1 is too lonely.

Sock Fever

Yesterday I wanted to take a break and not use my brain for awhile. So I started to knit my sock.

That's not very smart if I was thinking i'll not need to use the brain. because i got all the way up to the Heel turning, and realized I did something wrong. So ok nevermind. I ripped out the wrong parts (which is really the entire heel flap), shown here

Yesterday's Mess

and started all over again this morning after my emailing and work.

After all it's a learning process isn't it? hmm

Sox! - No. 1

Look Ma, No hands!

Then i got to turn the heel and do the instep, which was a little wrong too. and I ended up with this little row of k stitches out of the blue. I think i picked up the stitches at the wrong side. Nvm.

Where did this come from?

It's kinda cute so I think I'll just leave it there.

Turning Heel

I'm up to doing the instep decrese now and taking a lunch break.

Lunch Time

Right now, I kinda think that i love this yarn a lot, so i don't know whether I should make another sock that's 'a little wrong' or let this just be the practice piece. After all it taught me the basic constructs of a sock. and I can leave my other ball of pretty yarn untouched... :P

I'll come to that when I'm done with this I guess. It's one of the reasons why I didn't put a percentage bar for this too.

Socks are really fun tho. hehe Fun fun fun fun! See!
Sock Fever

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

DPNs are cool!

Bird's eye view
Originally uploaded by st.jehanne.
I started a sock with this pretty yarn I got. Cleckheaton's Cocoon~

I love this color and the DPNs are a gift from my SP! I hope this will be completed in time for the next knit out~~ well... at least one sock! :D

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My very first package!

My SP10's package arrived!!

I was actually wondering if it would arrive today because tomorrow is Good Friday and a public holiday here, chances of it arriving at my door on saturday would be slim too.

After my shower in the evening the post-lady rang the doorbell and had a package in her hands. It was the parcel from my SP10 Stilamazing! :)

Of course I was really excited, and had to take pictures. Here it is waiting to be opened on my desk.

Parcel arrived!

And Millie and Mollie wanted to see what's in there too.

Oooh mummy has a parcel

Millie and Mollie inspect the parcel

My SP is so wonderful; she remembered to include something for my Monotone Ms as well!

There's something for us!! :D

And of course they are so glad~~

This is for us right?

Here's the loot~

Pressies Pressies!!

There are also dpns but i wonder why... they are hiding. the DPNs are prolly camera-shy. I've never tried the pastel Lifesavers but I do love lifesavers so this is good~~ :P

A look at the yarn~~ It's so exciting because I can try my luck at socks with the Regia yarn! Cascade is so beautiful as well~~

YArn! yaya ya!!! :D

Thank you, SP!! You're great~ :)