Friday, November 24, 2006

'Oliver' is stitched!

Well most of 'oliver' is done... i finally stitched him up today. he's still not named really, and is faceless and still has no jacket on. he's head is not stuffed really well enough, and his legs were a different length. he's about 5" tall.

but i love him all the same cos he's my first bear! :D

i shall now have to look for his eyes and start on his little jacket. The book's oliver has a navy blue one, and i've got purple yarn... so... should i make a blue one or a purple one?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another scarf done!

Finished my scarf!

No photos yet though because I need to darn in the ends and block. A sneak peek of what it looks like a couple of weeks ago.

Pics will come soon!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Casting on...

So after pondering for eons as to whether I should have a separate habitat from the main blog... i guess I decided to start off anyways and see how things go.

Thankfully I remember the sign-in for this place.

To start of perhaps I'd just give a little run-down on the wips:
- Momo's legs : momo is my amigurumi octopus. the pattern's from
Roxycraft. she makes great patterns and are really easy to follow! the problem is this is my first amigurumi project (second crochet project) and I'm having trouble with the markers in the way...

- Oliver the bear : i have the limbs left which could be done in the week

- my scarf! : looking forward to the end, should be in the next couple of days!

- THE sweater : this notorious sweater... I haven't completed it and i'm taking a long time. and please don't yell. cos someone is already patiently waiting for it...

I am just done with one scarf this morning... the recipient is now highlighting that he's 'patiently waiting for the sweater'
well here's a shot of the completed scarf ...

This scarf (and mine) will be travelling to France at the end of the year so I hope they serve us well. hehe

more to come soon...