Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coquette Lace

Je ne suis jamais coquette...

But the pattern has attracted me in a different manner, since I usually become drawn to the names of the project. So cast on I shall.

Coquette Lace

Click on the links to see the full sized pictures.
1. Coquette Side, 2. Coquette Diffused Glow, 3. Coquette in Progress, 4. Coquette Full Frontal

Coquette lace from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits was cast on 16 November and completed on 21 November, so to date it's the fastest project I've ever completed regardless of the work I have had to do during the time. This is done with Olympus Cotton Novia with my two favorite needles, Addi Turbos (3.75mm) and Clover Takumi (4mm). The last touch to the finished project was the felted ribbon through the top eyelets.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This must be the fastest project ever. I reckon it is faster than my Razor. Since I casted on last friday, and casted off today, the Coquette's official knitting time is... 6 days! (not whole days too!)

No pictures yet because I haven't put in the finishing touches. I'm still debating whether I should have a ribbon strap too. Or velvet, if I can find some hhehe. Since I'm only going shopping for these things on friday I guess the photos would be up maybe... over the weekend? :)

anyways. I just wanted to yell 'Yayy'!

now I have to go and think about what to cast on next. heh

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Again defeated by the Goddess of Cast On.

After finishing up Kimono, Bib O' Love and Seduction, I was left with one project... Elfine socks. That's surprising, for me at least! Because I felt like I had to be doing more work, I forbed off casting on for a few days. That's not too bad I guess, considering that I cast on two new projects when I complete one, hehehe.

But ok I guess I'm blessed by the above-mentioned Goddess and this one-project status didn't last long. So on Friday, after contemplating for a bit, I casted on the Coquette Lace tube top from Fitted Knits. This is what it is as of this morning.

Coquette in Progress

I'm using Olympus' Cotton Novia yarn; It's really nice~~ :) Started off with Addi Turbos and then switched to Clover's Takumi when the pattern called for the switch. So far so good I guess... Working in rounds is always better. :) I plan to use a black ribbon for the top ribbing, ala Amy Lee (I mean the color scheme).

Coquette in Progress

Hopefully I can finish it by Christmas and wear it. If not there's always New Year's Day. Or my birthday.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


First, I have already finished Kimono sometime last week but I haven't blocked it. So I will only post about it when I'm done with blocking ok? :) I must first borrow the blocking wires :P

Now back to the topic.

Ok I must admit. I finished the first sock long ago (read July) and this was very much in danger of SSS. As I said I didn't enjoy the pattern very much, because it was 'a bit weird'. But then, the second sock actually was quite a breeze. I think I got used to the weirdness. I really contemplated starting the second sock in the first place because of the pattern. Of course fearing the Lonely Sock, I decided to cast on and finish the second one anyways.

Thankfully, the second sock didn't suffer as many mistakes as the first (which I have ripped and saved in the train, which there's a funny row of wrong stitches on the heel, and which there's a slight remnant of a would-be ladder on the sole, and a couple of wrong rows).

I always tend to finish my knitting projects in the evenings so lighting is terrible. I'll try and take better pictures another time but here goes anyways.



Seduction Socks made with Knitpicks Palette in Sunshine on Boye DPNs, 2.75mm.

Oh and yes... the most important thing I learnt with this sock is the right twist stitch. :)

right twists

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

more stuff!

I'm doing the last rep on the Kimono. AS said 'It seems a bit too long' because it's for my granny and she's shorter than I am. But I was at rep 19 and 20 is a round number. I should make it 20 reps, right?

I received the sugar n cream before the weekend and then during the KO, we also got our Rakuten spree stuff!

So here's my Sugar n Cream for the warshrag/ballband dishcloths I'm planning. (thanks, Mun!)

Sugar n' Cream

And here is the Rakuten stuff.

Little Elephant kit


We're ready for another Japanese yarn spree already, rofl.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kimono updates

No I'm not done yet.
In fact, I haven't been knitting since Sunday. I attempted like two rows on monday though, and that was about it.

Anyways, I still think I should give a little updated here.

Here it is on the new sofa.

Kimono at work

Wrong Side


Hmm.. Let's just say I'm past the three-quarter mark if I were to make 20 repeats of the pattern. heh.

k that's all for today... work awaits. :(