Saturday, September 19, 2009

broken needles and sox box

Well I was knitting away at a new sock yesterday and guess what happened...


Sigh!!! I love these needles... and the thing was, it broke just like that! I didn't even pull the yarn through the stitch...

The good thing I guess is that I will now have legitimate excuse to buy new needles.

On another note, I've always dreamed of having a project box at home full of socks.

Well although instead of one big box, I have 2 small ones, I'm a happy camper.

Sox Box

I love these boxes! They are cheap and good ehehheehe... They are fun too since I can easily see what projects are inside. I initially use them only for my bears, but why keep it to just one craft? :D

I guess everyone can see I'm kinda in an mlc (red) phase... I started two new socks in red. -_-... I think that fed my startitis well and I'm going to make sure I won't start anything new before anything is finished.

Monday, September 07, 2009


my oh my... it's September and I haven't posted anything in August!

Anyway I finished something


It's a one skein stole with noro silk garden sock yarn.

I have to thank Lois for bringing her stole at our KO show and tell hehe... I managed to knit this thus quickly because it became something that I could do during the little bit of tv time I have.


I love the gradation of the colors!! Noro never fails to amaze me. hehe. In fact, I think this yarn has a better life as a beautiful dropped stitch stole than if it were a sock!!


well well well... time to get back to those other FOs...