Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mollie wants to introduce her friend, Briseis.


Briseis is an 8.5 inch bear and is my first girl bear. Her fur is made of wool and is a beautiful rust color. She also has suede pawpads, just like Gordon. She's as unique as she can be! Briseis loves ribbons and flowers. So I made her a little tatted flower for her ribbon.


As my latest bear, Briseis has the perfect nose. I really believe it all comes with practice. And I guess as with knitting, patience works. I must admit that I'm not a patient person to begin with. I'm only patient because I knit. And here, I'm only patient because I want to create nice bears. The process of making the Timothy, Gordon, Raleigh, Jazz, Franz and Briseis is so fulfilling that I have more bearwips coming up. I only have to keep reminding myself not to rush against time, and things will be fine.

So yes, Briseis made me very proud. :)

Date of Birth: 9 March 2009
Height: 8.5"

Sigh... Isn't she just so sweet? Here's the peering photo.


And now there are six.


I really need a shelf!! :P


Susan said...

So sweet! Maybe she can make Franz feel less worried. I love that her fur is wool! That's like double-dipping somehow.

And who is the blue bear? I missed meeting him. When was his birthday?

Valerie said...

hey 6 aren't enuff! more! they are just so adorable!

R a i n said...

More!! She can stand, that's so cool.