Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Meet Timothy!


Timothy is my first proper teddy bear. (Well, Do you remember Oliver? He's more of a knitting FO, hee.) Thanks go to MLC for teaching me the basics of creating someone as adorable as Timothy!

Timothy is originally named Timmy but after stitching up all the parts, I had a feeling this bear of mine isn't going to have a name which could be shortened from another. So it was either Timothy or something else.

Timothy is a fully-jointed 6" bear. I used the cotter-pins and wooden washers provided in the kit for his joints.


There are still lots of areas I can improve on, but this is my very first bear after all. So I hope he's okay. Anyways, I decided to use 5mm eyes instead of the 4mm provided. I wanted Timothy to look younger. I also set his eyes wider apart and now he has this 'peering look'. While I'm not sure what to do about his ears, they sure look best this way, I thought.

I also made little mistakes. His paw pads aren't exactly equal for some reason, but the length and positioning of his limbs are okay. :) And also, I'm going to get myself some nice embroidery thread, because I didn't like the one provided. It looks cute on Timothy though.

I gave him a wee smile because he's a shy little boy.


I took a lot of pictures of him when I remembered he can pose! And while I got snap-happy, I got Momo out to take pictures with him.


He's really cute!


Date of Birth: 19 January 2009
Original Pattern: Timmy by Lesley Stipanov

More pictures here!

Monday, January 19, 2009

First KO in 2009

We had our first KO this year and poor Lois couldn't make it - thanks to a terrible virus. :(

So anyways we took a picture but unfortunately I didn't check it well enough and it turned out a tad blurry.

January 09 KIP

But all that aside, we had a good time and there were a couple of new faces. It was a whole lot of fun and laughter, knits and tips. Well, I also went around doing what Phoebe started with... :) So take your guesses everyone!

#1January 09 KIP

#2January 09 KIP

#3January 09 KIP

#4January 09 KIP

#5January 09 KIP

#6January 09 KIP

#7January 09 KIP

#8January 09 KIP

#9January 09 KIP

I'm not in any of those by the way :P

Oh we had an FO during the KO. It's a preemie hat Susan made.

January 09 KIP

It's cute, isn't it? :)

Ok now, some updates on my wips.... I have another obsession to report about tomorrow you see.

So, my knitting tales lately have been bland. I'm sad to say that my widdershins didn't work, and neither did the Twinkleberry socks that came after that. During the KO, Cindy and I realized I was knitting a Christmas-sized stocking ready for some pressies. (Well ok it's not THAT huge but it will fit diamonds, or about one and a half of my foot.) I still like both the patterns though but I think since my last cursed yarn has been used up, the yarn I'm using for these projects has decided to take the place of the Cursed. I probably will work on these patterns another time with a more fortunate yarn...

The good news is, I have started a new pair of socks. I'm using Green Mountain Madness from CTH and am doing the Oolong socks by Mona Schmidt from TC Fall 08. I will make further reports if all goes well... It looks good so far though, and I enjoy the pattern a lot.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!~ I really appreciated them. :)

Well, my birthday isn't really the first birthday of my household in the year even though it's technically in the first week of the year. My darling cat MangMang has the credits to being the first. And yup, my first FO of the year started on 4th Jan 09 (Mang's birthday - she's now 9!). My mum has a fantasy that my dear cat needs a bare-backed outfit. (she also 'gives me ideas' about dresses and jumpers with hole so that mang's tail can go through -_-) Well, I've always had Katja in mind too and it's such a wonderful pattern to knit that I wouldn't mind making more for human recipients.

I casted on in the evening and when I put it aside to have my dinner, I left it on my sofa. Mang, who has really thick fur, usually does not sit on the sofa. But she decided to cozy up with the top I was making her that day. So while she zzzz-ed lying on the top, I decided not to wake her and didn't work on it much after dinner.

Of course I finished it the next day and my dear MangMang didn't know what's in store for her. I don't know why but the first i-cord strap took eons to finish. And since I finished it before it was dark, I quickly woke Mang from her afternoon siesta so that she could pose in it.

Mang's Birthday top

It was quite easy getting her to wear it but she didn't like to be held upright for long periods (she used to dislike anyone carrying her as well and will start squirming). If I let her walk on fours, then she would look like she's wearing a tube top. I think the top is also flattering on her since it flattens her poufy fur and makes her look slimmer. Don't you think so?

I changed the pattern a little so I could have some buttons put on the back of the halter. I knitted flat and included the buttonholes for the first part of the torso, and then I joined and knitted in the round thereafter. I only managed to get buttons a few days after which is why I waited until today before I could post anything. (mang is on my non-knitting blog tho.)

And here is a mosaic!

Mang's Top
Catja (originally Katja) from knitty.com, GGH Bali on 4mm Clover Takumi Circulars. Button from DMC

So anyways now, my mum thinks that I should take MangMang to my family's reunion dinner to see my grandma (who loves my furkids as well) and let her wear this top since it's red and it's Lunar New Year... -_-

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Purls of Wisdom

I turn 28 today and I looked at my Yarn Harlot daily calendar... well well well. I admit I could be recovering from Startitis, but what could be more appropriate for yours truly than this Purl of Wisdom:

'You don't have to feel bad if you are the sort of knitter who doesn't finish a lot of stuff. Many of us are in it for the process rather than the product, and this has only to do with personality differences, rather than moral superiority. Sure, it's hard to remember that when other knitters sit smirking in their new sweaters and you are starting your 57th first sock of a pair, but keep this in mind: It's called "knitting" not "sweater-making".'

hahahaha talk about how appropriate things are!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


oh dear. the first post of the year and it's about frogging.

So some of you might have heard that I decided to tackle the toe ups once again. I picked widdershins from knitty.com and worked with one of my KP palettes. The toes went perfectly well this time, all thanks to Judy's Magic Cast on. And even though the project strangely seemed narrow, the sock actually fitted my feet.

So I thought all was going well until, the twisted cabling became more and more tedious, the yarn seemed to become darker and darker, and I just grew more and more tired of the project. Unfortunately, being on 2 circs, the 2 socks weren't very portable especially in our crowded trains. (I'm just not very skilled with the method yet, one day I will manage) One of the reasons why I didn't switch to dpns is also because of the twisted cabling... I don't think I want to risk breaking any needles!

I have already done the gussets and today I decided I should turn the heels... And then I got very frustrated because I didn't really know what I was doing, and neither was I certain of which were the wrapped stitches.

And this project went to the frogging station. Sigh.

Clearly, this was no one's fault. Sometimes things just don't work out and I suppose this is one of them.


My resolution this year is to complete at least a pair of socks toe up!!

Meanwhile I think I'll cast on something purple...