Monday, November 24, 2008


I just kitchenered Monkeys in the evening.

Do you realize what this means?

I have no wip!


The yarns for Mum's cardigan arrived in the mail today.

So I might start that soon.

Knowing me, sooner is better than later.

Now, let me bask in this surreal feeling for awhile~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fetching the Second

Yes! And FO!

Fetching the Second

And I didn't even have time to announce I casted on another project.

Fetching the Second

Decided to make my teacher a pair of Fetchings because they are so easy, so quick and so nice. I thought about what I had in my stash and lo and behold, of course I found something.

I never thought I'd make a pair of something again. But after finishing the second pair of Fetching, I started to wonder if I could make another pair for my friend in France. This really took very little time. I don't know if it is because I'm already familiar with the pattern, but I suspect it's also because of the 'thick' yarn (dk only, but it is thick compared to sock yarn or lace). I wasn't even 'knitting the whole day' like I would if I am anxious to finish something.

Fetching the Second

Fetching the Second in Sublime Cashmerino DK

Well ok now I can get back to my Monkey and think about when I should block my Queen Anne.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cast off!

I just casted off Queen Anne's Lace!!

Ok I actually had to take a LOT of breaks in between because my back was hurting a bit.

I haven't blocked it but I'm happy !~~ :D

And now, I only have monkeys as a wip!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


nothing much to report... no fos yet but the QAL looks set to be done in the next two weeks or so. I hope. I've been stagnant and had no sock project for awhile until I decided to CO monkey with my essential yarn. It looks good but really, in preparation for a change in lifestyle (read more moolah for yarns but less knitting time) I'm probably cured of my startitis!

Unfortunately, I don't know when this change is going to happen. And I'm also having this urgent need to horde more sock yarn since they seem to be the most probable projects in the earlier months of the new (but still non-existant) schedule.


after i've infected susan with the etsy bug, she's infected me back.

I've bought yet another sock bag from stuckinillinois hehe Look how beautiful it is!

Another Sock Bag!!

And check out the lining!

Another Sock Bag!!

It houses my monkeys now heh

And I've bought yarns from Mabel too. One is on it's way though but the earlier purchase is here. :)

Silvery Blue~~

It's so beautiful and exactly what I expected~!! I have no project in mind for it yet but I'm thinking! :)

AND another skein of sock yarn from yarnlust.
This is called sunset and I must admit, when I clicked 'Add to Cart' I was thinking about Wendy's orange shawl.


Isn't it gorgeous? The seller also included a little stitchmarker that matches the yarn and other little goodies! It's so sweet of her to do so~~ (kinda reminds me of the SP days too lol) is infectious. It's influenced my friend to start clicking and clicking and clicking there, never turning back. And she's not at crafter at the moment. I must admit it does have a little something for everyone, especially for those who love handmade and unique items.

Well now... excuse me while I go click some more :)