Monday, March 16, 2009


Well... Here's my first mini-bear.


His name is Franz and is about 2.5 inches tall. Franz is supposed to be Santa's little helper and he's stressed out by the work load.


He is also a little sad that his hat is a bit too tight and his nose is a tad too big. :(

But Franz has cute beady eyes... see 'em beady eyes???

Franz - Beady Eyes!
Date of Birth: 4 March 2009
Height: Approx. 2.5"
Original Pattern: Santa's Little Helper
(Franz is reduced to 75% from original pattern)

Being my first mini, I still like Franz a lot :) I learnt a lot from making Franz and I'm sure he won't be the only mini around here. I can't wait to make more friends for him but at the moment, he's happy with his group of bear friends and his candy cane!



R a i n said...

Oh I like him the best! Do his arms and legs swing?

ellie-san said...

Ahh he's very cute leh! unlike my popeye...boohoo~