Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Meet Timothy!


Timothy is my first proper teddy bear. (Well, Do you remember Oliver? He's more of a knitting FO, hee.) Thanks go to MLC for teaching me the basics of creating someone as adorable as Timothy!

Timothy is originally named Timmy but after stitching up all the parts, I had a feeling this bear of mine isn't going to have a name which could be shortened from another. So it was either Timothy or something else.

Timothy is a fully-jointed 6" bear. I used the cotter-pins and wooden washers provided in the kit for his joints.


There are still lots of areas I can improve on, but this is my very first bear after all. So I hope he's okay. Anyways, I decided to use 5mm eyes instead of the 4mm provided. I wanted Timothy to look younger. I also set his eyes wider apart and now he has this 'peering look'. While I'm not sure what to do about his ears, they sure look best this way, I thought.

I also made little mistakes. His paw pads aren't exactly equal for some reason, but the length and positioning of his limbs are okay. :) And also, I'm going to get myself some nice embroidery thread, because I didn't like the one provided. It looks cute on Timothy though.

I gave him a wee smile because he's a shy little boy.


I took a lot of pictures of him when I remembered he can pose! And while I got snap-happy, I got Momo out to take pictures with him.


He's really cute!


Date of Birth: 19 January 2009
Original Pattern: Timmy by Lesley Stipanov

More pictures here!


louise said...

Timothy is so cute and he has the same Birthday as my son Nicholas, who by the way is 26 today.

Susan said...

I can't believe he is your first! He is very sweet. He does look young and a bit shy. I'm glad Momo is around to help him settle in.

R a i n said...

You made him?!! He's so cute!

iro iro said...

he is so adorable and he is definitely a shy little timothy!!!! i am so proud of you... haha. just a few hours and you're already better than me!! this is way better than my first attempt (which if u recall had a sunken eye and broken seams lol). grats!!!

Yvette said...

Congratulation to the proud Mama.

Jackie said...

Hi Timothy ! U sure are a cutie !!

This is great for a first timer, well done !

Valerie said...

Timothy is definitely cute! Don't think you need to worry about the little faults. He's a perfect bear as long as you think he is. :)