Monday, June 11, 2007


it went ribbit ribbit in my hands...

So in my hands was my neverending project... This is one of my firsts, in fact the very reason why I learnt knitting (besides cross-stitching not being challenging enough) But it is just cursed not to move along too quickly. At 138 rows, it's still at least 15 cm away from the end (and I still have the front to go!)

138 rows and not moving

I was already thinking of knitting it in the round after my socks and razor tank. but i never thought it was a good enough reason.

Then, with the very probable tension change (it's my earlier projects right? so it was so tight the stitches could hardly move on the needle) and a new way to do the edging without ribbing or risking the curls, I decided.

Frog it, it is.

Here it stands


and there.
Pull out the needle and tug the string...

Froggin' good time
It's sitting very still in my bag. The ripping sort of felt like freedom, as it went rrrrrrrrrrrrr....

And then here it is sitting on my lap, being wound.


The two balls ended up as two cakes. I casted on again for the new edging and IN THE ROUND this time. Am now up to the seventh row without actually sitting down doing it (i.e. i was in the car, on the internet, doing something etc)

AS was like this :(
but after I explained to him why I had to do it
he was like :)

Meanwhile, I've also casted on for Seduction Socks with some KP yarn I've found. Am using the Boye needles from SP10 and a small preview here. I love the color of the needles!

Seduction Wip


Dipsy said...

Oy! My heart almost broke when I saw all that work being frogged - but then again, there's just no use in continuing to work on something that you don't like, that doesn't fit or whatnot, so I agree, it's been the best decision to frog and try it again - and I'm absolutely sure that it'll work perfectly this time! Good luck and fingers crossed!

Jenn said...

Your sock yarn is a lovely color!