Monday, January 12, 2009


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!~ I really appreciated them. :)

Well, my birthday isn't really the first birthday of my household in the year even though it's technically in the first week of the year. My darling cat MangMang has the credits to being the first. And yup, my first FO of the year started on 4th Jan 09 (Mang's birthday - she's now 9!). My mum has a fantasy that my dear cat needs a bare-backed outfit. (she also 'gives me ideas' about dresses and jumpers with hole so that mang's tail can go through -_-) Well, I've always had Katja in mind too and it's such a wonderful pattern to knit that I wouldn't mind making more for human recipients.

I casted on in the evening and when I put it aside to have my dinner, I left it on my sofa. Mang, who has really thick fur, usually does not sit on the sofa. But she decided to cozy up with the top I was making her that day. So while she zzzz-ed lying on the top, I decided not to wake her and didn't work on it much after dinner.

Of course I finished it the next day and my dear MangMang didn't know what's in store for her. I don't know why but the first i-cord strap took eons to finish. And since I finished it before it was dark, I quickly woke Mang from her afternoon siesta so that she could pose in it.

Mang's Birthday top

It was quite easy getting her to wear it but she didn't like to be held upright for long periods (she used to dislike anyone carrying her as well and will start squirming). If I let her walk on fours, then she would look like she's wearing a tube top. I think the top is also flattering on her since it flattens her poufy fur and makes her look slimmer. Don't you think so?

I changed the pattern a little so I could have some buttons put on the back of the halter. I knitted flat and included the buttonholes for the first part of the torso, and then I joined and knitted in the round thereafter. I only managed to get buttons a few days after which is why I waited until today before I could post anything. (mang is on my non-knitting blog tho.)

And here is a mosaic!

Mang's Top
Catja (originally Katja) from, GGH Bali on 4mm Clover Takumi Circulars. Button from DMC

So anyways now, my mum thinks that I should take MangMang to my family's reunion dinner to see my grandma (who loves my furkids as well) and let her wear this top since it's red and it's Lunar New Year... -_-


Susan said...

This too funny! Of course, she looks fabulous. Happy Birthday Mang Mang!

R a i n said...

Awww...Happy belated B'day Mangmang!