Monday, December 10, 2007

return of the beads

I did beading a long while ago and was always making bracelets, chokers, earrings and stuff out of them. Unfortunately, just like my mum warned, the hobby didn't stick much longer than a couple of months. And my stash of beads languished in my drawer until I moved. And then they languished in my stash box along with the cross stitch stuff.

I don't have a lot of my beading left unfortunately because I've sold most of them. And as for the few left, they are kinda scattered in different places so it's going to take me some time looking for all of them. I'll blog about them next time anyways. :)

After learning knitting and then realizing that I can make beaded stitch markers as well, I decided to search for the appropriate rings for them. And I finally did last week (they aren't difficult to find, just that I was a little too lazy). Here's the loot from the same day though.


So anyways I went home and dug out all the beads in the stash to try and remember what I had.


And I also found a random ball of thread, which I bought before or just after I could crochet, for no apparent reason either. If you look in the first picture, you might realize I bought the same thread in the same color again.

Random ball of thread!

I eventually used some new beads though. And here they are...


Hmm they look like earrings. I made another one so they are a triplet set now... :) Here's a better shot.


More to come or if you can't wait, take a look here :)

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cindytsang said...

I like the way you take the pictures for the markers...good jobs!!