Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Ok ok I'm knitting I'm knitting.

I just need to bead something for Coquette. So... what do you think of this?


I was in love with this pattern when I saw it many moons ago. But because I tend to find beading a little like jigsaw puzzles (i.e. not cheap and the fun is quickly over) I didn't purchase the book until recently. Now, I seem to have more ideas than before with stitch markers and the like. Although the pattern calls for fire-polished beads, I couldn't find any of the right size. I just made do with the round crystals. Turned out ok I think...

And don't you love the clasps?


And at the same time I made bead balls. For fun yes. Just for fun.

Bead Balls

Meanwhile Kimono is blocked and I just need to take nice pictures... I am loving it though, so I'm going to try and finish the Japanese feather soon!

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