Thursday, December 27, 2007

Indigo Blues

I know I know... I just told you about Kimono yesterday. But here's Millie with my Indigo Blues

Millie with Japanese Feather

Can you guess what it is?

It's the Japanese Feather Stole/Scarf. And it's really an in-between project because I wanted to test the yarn and have another lace project at hand.

Here's a better picture.

Japanese Feather in Indigo

Again, I borrowed the furniture at Starbucks.

Anyways I took about three weeks (in the midst of tatting and beading and working) to finish this. I did 8 repeats of the pattern (I think I should have made 10 but I was sick of the cord of my needles.) And instead of 4 sets as stated for the scarf, I did 5. So now it's a little wider than a scarf but not quite as long as a stole. I guess it could be a starf? Or scole?

I think the colors spread out really nicely too and Malabrigo Lace is so soft, I love rubbing it on my cheeks heh. I guess that's another favorite yarn on the list.

Japanese Feather in Indigo

Japanese Feather Scarf/Stole from Knitspot in Malabrigo Lace (Indigo) with 5mm Addi Turbos.


Susan said...

That's really pretty. I like the slight color variations. I hoped it would be soft. I just finished a scarf out of yarn that felt soft, but the scarf is itchy!

iro iro said...

especially love the color on the malabrigo lace - the subtle and not too sudden color changes. like i said... time to skein mine up!

barb michelen said...
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R a i n said...

I can't see the pics so am just going to wish you a belated Happy New Year!!! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.