Saturday, March 31, 2007

Razor Halter~

Razor Tank / Halter Tadaa!

Some changes were made to this.

It was actually a tank/cami, but I prefer halters - so... I changed it.

And then it also had thinner straps, but I prefer a slightly thicker one...

And I also prefer a snug fit, for those days out in the sun especially.

Behold the razor halter!

Razor Tank / Halter Complete!

Razor Tank / Halter worn

The pattern is available here.

This top is knitted from Phildar Coton yarn in color 'Atoll' with my favorite Clover needles.


R a i n said...

Loving how it looks ;o)

Mei said...

Very nice...and perfect for our weather too! ;)

bluey said...

It is very beautiful and fits you perfectly.

e said...

Thanks very much all~~ :)
This project was indeed fun to knit!