Monday, March 26, 2007

'Get anything you need'

That's not a good thing to say when I have no constraints left to splurge.

Thankfully I didn't really.

I just bought a few things.

like more Clover stuff

More Clover things!

and here's a look at the baby yarn I've got a few days ago to prepare making the baby gift for a friend.

Tiny Tots (Sirdar) -

My lace yarn has arrived too after the meet up over the weekend. I can't wait to get started of course, but then I need to finish more things before I do. So let's hope i don't cast this on so soon. (Well I guess I need more things like more beaded markers, a good needle, etc etc etc)

Knitpicks Gossamer Sunrise~

MLC also gave away these beautiful Mohair. I haven't decided what to do with them but I love the colors so much. It reminds me of Amy from Evanescence. hehehe

Wonderful Mohaif Gift II

Wonderful Mohair Gift II

So yes, a truly fruitful weekend coupled with doggy outings and POTO!


prettyknit said...

the mohair are really nice colour, may be you should try this estole by

e said...

Oh!! thanks very much for the suggestion!! :)

I like the pattern, perhaps i could give it a try!

bluey said...

the lace yarns are lovely.

What yarns are they?

e said...

the lace yarn is from knitpicks. It's Gossamer in Sunrise (if I remember correctly!)