Monday, March 19, 2007

Which Gift to make?

I'm wondering which gift to make...

I still have some time for my friend won't be delivering so soon but it's always good to plan since I'm kinda... slow :P

I thought this blanket would be nice.

The pattern is available here

Then again hats are also cute, and this one seems real quick to make

If you looked at the pattern here, I'm sure you would agree as well.

I also thought this was really cute!!

the pattern is here ... but honestly i'm a little annoyed with the powder puff sort of yarn... :(

The last hat option is this

and the pattern is here.

I thought i'd make a little baby top - i can't remember where i saw it now - but for the moment, these should be the options...

Still wondering~~!


Lois said...

i like the last hat. very cute looking. :)

e said...

:) it's really cute!

I'm just a little afraid the yarn is too thick but I think I'll still try to look for suitable yarn~ :P