Friday, March 23, 2007

My Fave WIP... :)

I admit, I have startitis. So there's a number of projects I've started but the time I have to really complete them? hmm...

But then again, I've been making good progress recently. Maybe it's because I'm starting to get the hang of it in the recent months. I know I started knitting away some years back but I never really put my heart into it until the last 8 months or so.

So, Here I present my favorite WIP as of today! It's my Razor Tank!

And today it stands at 20 repeats (actually 22)

Razor Tank 20 repeats!

It's my favorite wip so far because firstly, it's my first project working in the round, and I find it so much fun and so much easier! Secondly, it's made with all my favorite things - namely, Phildar! (Coton Micro fibres) from Lyon(!! my favorite place), with Clover aluminium needles! I also have my Clover row counter and stitch marker with this wip!

Yummy Blue

Of all the projects I have in my bag now, this is the only one that's for me. And in fact, this is the first wearable project I'm making really for myself. I'm so glad I got the cotton yarn, and such a suitable pattern because of the really warm weather here. I really can't wait to finish this! :)

Mollie likes it too!

Mollie Checks out knit

Here's a 'sculpture' of it in case you haven't gotten enough. I just joined the new ball of yarn and have finished a couple of rows on it. :P

Knit Sculpture

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