Thursday, April 05, 2007

My very first package!

My SP10's package arrived!!

I was actually wondering if it would arrive today because tomorrow is Good Friday and a public holiday here, chances of it arriving at my door on saturday would be slim too.

After my shower in the evening the post-lady rang the doorbell and had a package in her hands. It was the parcel from my SP10 Stilamazing! :)

Of course I was really excited, and had to take pictures. Here it is waiting to be opened on my desk.

Parcel arrived!

And Millie and Mollie wanted to see what's in there too.

Oooh mummy has a parcel

Millie and Mollie inspect the parcel

My SP is so wonderful; she remembered to include something for my Monotone Ms as well!

There's something for us!! :D

And of course they are so glad~~

This is for us right?

Here's the loot~

Pressies Pressies!!

There are also dpns but i wonder why... they are hiding. the DPNs are prolly camera-shy. I've never tried the pastel Lifesavers but I do love lifesavers so this is good~~ :P

A look at the yarn~~ It's so exciting because I can try my luck at socks with the Regia yarn! Cascade is so beautiful as well~~

YArn! yaya ya!!! :D

Thank you, SP!! You're great~ :)

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R a i n said...

Damn that's an awesome package gal! Lucky you!