Tuesday, April 01, 2008

on the needles...

Oh wait, look what came in my mail last friday.

Sock Bag

:) I bought it from StuckinIllinois at etsy and it's just so cute! She's got lots of other cute bags there and look at the lining of the bag!

Sock Bag

It's really spurring me on to finish my sock and start another project (yes ANOTHER! - but at least i'm trying to wait until I finish my current sock)

Right, anyways, finally I'm going to talk about some knitting and I'm still turning the heel on Broadripple. Susan has taught me a way to manage the two balls of yarn and not get the project tangled after every row. I've finished my Bunny but then I've started another project. Anouk is on my 'tv project' needles.


To be honest, I made this with Mang in mind. My mum has this strange perception that she'd (my cat not my mum) look cute in a little pink dress or a baby pink halter, and it's sorta filtered down to me. Ok this is not pink, but it's cute little dress all the same. The adjustable waist is a plus point but I realized yesterday that my cat comes in a bigger size. I have no idea how big a 3mth old baby is, and can't imagine a 6mth old. So, I just did the smallest size ever. The two pieces in the pattern are now joined and the collar is worked.

Another plus point about this dress is the pockets. I wanted to try som colorwork and the little bit on the pockets could get me started. I'm considering changing the pattern though. But I have no idea as to what it will be yet, so I'll be working on that next. If you have a suggestion for the design, please do leave me a comment. :)

In the meantime I might make the waist tabs first.


R a i n said...

Oh seriously you're knitting that for Mang? That's the cutest thing I've ever heard!!!!

Béatrice said...

J'ai vu le site c'est très mignon mais je n'ai pas compris ce sac sert pour quoi c'est un sac à main juste comme ça ? En tous cas c'est très mignon ! Et tu fais des trucs par toit même, c'est superbe ! :D