Tuesday, April 29, 2008


no no i'm not gambling with money. But I'm taking chances.

So you see I finished Broadripple and currently have zero socks at hand. That WON'T do. How can I have no socks at hand!?

So then I want to try a few things. First I thought I want to try a Cookie A pattern, and then I also thought I wanted to use my Louet Gems. But there's a problem. The first pattern I queued from Cookie A is Gothic Spire (surprise surprise). I think the yarn and the pattern match, but I still think my Gothic Spire is a dark rich purple (or burgundy maybe), not French Blue.

On the other hand, I thought Scrolls in my queue would look great in French Blue. So... here's what I did.

Noro Kureyon Sock on Trystero so that I can try a Cookie A pattern.


And French Blue Louet Gems on Scrolls. Since I wanted to try out the Louet.


As you can see I'm taking a huge gamble here. Firstly I don't know how Trystero will turn out with Noro. I have no idea how the colors would work either.

Secondly, I'm knitting two socks at once, toe up on two circs with Scrolls. (Louise!~ two socks, toe up, two circs!!) Considering that I did half my work on Broadripple on two circs, and that's all, it's a huge gamble I say. Plus, this is toe up. For the record I haven't finished a single pair of socks from toe up in my short knitting history. I took an extremely long time casting this one on. For some reason my fig 8 cast ons were very ugly. It's not as nice and neat as the first time I've done it (on a sock i never finished). I spent a night and day at it, and my eyes were terribly sore by the time I was ok with them. For socks that had almost blinded me, they had better be finished!

I guess I've never been exactly the reserved sort, and would probably attempt to bungee jump and knit at the same time one day. But I think this is a huge gamble and I sure hope the efforts pay off, so Sock On Ayu~

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louise said...

Just remember if you need help email me, or save them until september;p