Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've never changed needles so many times in a project. I started Broadripple with my Harmony dpns. I love the needles because they were so smooth and pointy~ They were the ones who helped me decide I should get the circ set too haha

Broadripple Sushi

And then subsequently I wanted to use a smaller size on the sole. This would prove to be difficult if I continued to use dpns because I will be carrying an extra needle around. Plus, I would need to use a different set because I won't be able to tell the Harmonies apart. So I thought I'd finish both socks to the heel, and put them on dpns, and then work them together.


I learnt a lot from this project because it's the first one I've done with two socks at a time. I still prefer the dpns, but now, with all my yarn entangling problems solved, I think I just might be able to finally finish my socks if they are on circs in future.


Broadripple is done with Cascade Fixation. It started on 3.25mm Harmony dpns, and is finished with 3mm (for heel and sole) and 3.25mm Addi Circulars. Broadripple is designed by Rob Matyska and the pattern is available here.


louise said...

Two socks on two circulars you go girl!

Yvette said...

I Love Broadripple! I've knit it three times. Great job and pretty colour choice.