Monday, April 21, 2008

honeymoon cami

First of all, remember this kitty?

Mindy's a Keeper

She might have found a new home! She's staying with her prospective family now and if all goes fine during the week, they will keep her! Let's keep our fingers crossed for her~~ :)

In the meantime, I've finished Honeymoon Cami.

Honeymoon Cami

Honeymoon Cami

Honeymoon Cami is designed by Julia Trice. The pattern is available here. This was made with Elann's Luna Endless Summer, with Knitpicks Harmonies, 4mm. :) More photos are available here.


Yvette said...

My fingers are very, very crossed.

R a i n said...

Oh sigh, she's SUCH a cutie. Hope it'll all work out soon.

Love the top, awesome as usual ;o)