Sunday, March 23, 2008


Finally. A knittin FO.


This pattern is really easy and the final product is absolutely beautiful!


I like how the stitches sort of intertwine with a bit of mohair in-between the gaps. The project also lightly drapes and the yarn is so very soft (and white) that I had to call my project Bunny.


Bunny is made with Sublime's Kid Mohair blend with Clover 5.1mm needles. More pictures here.



Susan said...

Although Bunny IS a good name, you could have called it Moose. My first classroom came with a very large albino rabbit called Moose. But then, your lovely bunny is not so big, so maybe that name won't work after all.

Lovely work!

Yvette said...

What is the pattern? Did you make it up yourself? The stitches are so interesting. I'm strangely drawn.