Monday, January 28, 2008

Tats-it weekend~

I bought a Japanese Tatting book the other day, and went tatting over the weekend. (of course, a few stitches were made on the neverending wips. but i'll come to that later.)

Tatting weekend

Who knew I'd have new wips! Luckily they aren't knitting projects and are much smaller. And of course these wips are better than the 'incomplete project' pictured, because they are worked in sections, so I can just finish as section as and when I can without having to worry about remembering where i stopped. I think I'm getting the hang of tatting and it seems much easier the more I practice. I'm still not confident enough to use the pretty threads I bought but I think soon I will. This also makes me not give up on spinning as well. Practice Practice Practice.

Meanwhile yes, here are some pictures of all those in progress.

Wisp in progress
Seems like the least progress here (actually it's not, broadripple is. Then again I also haven't don't anything on my Lily of the Valley) but the pattern is really easy, and nice. I love the yarn as always. It doesn't take long to do a single repeat either.

Broadripple in progress
I have about 12 rows on the second sock left and then I will be moving on to the heels of both socks.

My So-Called Scarf
My So-Called Scarf in progress
I'm so in love with this yarn, I'm already planning to make a similar scarf for a friend. The yardage is better than I thought too.

Antrelac Part II
Antrelac Part II in progress
I love the color whooo~~~~ I can't wait to finish this so that at least I have my vday gift all done and in time.

Well tat's about all for now. Will be working on my thesis today so I don't think there'll be more crafts until late in the night perhaps.


iro iro said...

hey those tatted flowers are pretty and v inspiring! yeah that's the great part abt tatting, a little flower motif can be a wip or simply an fo if u get sick of it :)

bluey said...

The tatted flowers are lovely.

I wanted to pick up tatting too. Wondering how should i start? any tips?

Susan said...

Will you adopt me. I really like your WIPs. That yarn you are using for your so called scarf is yummy.

Camille said...

You won my contest! Malbrigo or Lorna's Laces? Send me an email at camilleedmisonwilhelmi at gmail dot com with your choice and address.

I'm posting my entrelac scarf tonight. Yours is gorgeous!