Saturday, January 05, 2008


Because there's a hash today I had the opportunity to stay home in the morning and do whatever I wanted (after Mang's bath of course). So I decided to knit the Reading in Bed shrug and got up to seven repeats. That's a good sign because it's past the 50% mark.

And then I decided I better cast on the toe for the second Elfine Socks. I have already done the first one up to the heel and just wanted to do the socks simultaneously. So I decided to put the first sock unto some waste yarn and started to cast on the second. However, I had a problem.

I suddenly decided not to lie to myself and admit that the pattern REALLY gets lost in the yarn. Consider this toe:


At first I thought that little piece isn't a good gauge, and lied to myself that it will look better on my foot, when it's a bigger piece. But now that it's done up to the heel, it's not looking much better. Just imagine the above photo times two. It doesn't help when the second ball of yarn refuses to be casted on as well, and it kept slipping off the needles when I wasn't looking. After that, I had ugly m1s.

Although I must admit I'm a bit sleepy, I really don't know what's wrong and then I just gave up trying. I think the yarn just doesn't want to be a sock. Or this particular sock for that matter.

Now I must confess that this is the first sock I am knitting from toe up. AND it's also the second sock (casted on) and knitted with the magic loop method. I have no qualms with the method but incidentally, I didn't finish the other magic loop sock as well. Before I casted this on, I thought this pattern was suitable because I wanted to try the toe-up with the magic loop. Now what's so difficult about that? I have no idea.

I actually don't know what I should do now. Should I

(a) Try again?
(b) Look for another sock pattern that uses the above methods? (any recommendations at that?)
(c) Look for another sock pattern regardless of whether it's toe-up or cuff down?
(d) Use the yarn for a non-sock project?



Camille said...

I think you have the wrong pattern for the yarn. Busy yarn needs a simple(r) pattern. Maybe try something simpler like Hedera (for top down) or Anastasia (for toe up)? I also have some Monkeys that were done in a busy yarn that turned out okay.

louise said...

Hey you are knitting socks my way. I think you should do a simple rib type pattern like a baby cable or blueberry waffle. I would just rip back to the toe and go from there and put both of the socks on your magic loop at once. Susan and I had a nice visit can't wait to throw those stitch markers.

Susan said...

I think you need to change patterns. If you want toe-up, Knitty has a universal pattern.

Here's a cool toe-up using a busy yarn.

I have your new books. Maybe one of them has a toe-up pattern? Is that where you got the current pattern?