Thursday, November 15, 2007


First, I have already finished Kimono sometime last week but I haven't blocked it. So I will only post about it when I'm done with blocking ok? :) I must first borrow the blocking wires :P

Now back to the topic.

Ok I must admit. I finished the first sock long ago (read July) and this was very much in danger of SSS. As I said I didn't enjoy the pattern very much, because it was 'a bit weird'. But then, the second sock actually was quite a breeze. I think I got used to the weirdness. I really contemplated starting the second sock in the first place because of the pattern. Of course fearing the Lonely Sock, I decided to cast on and finish the second one anyways.

Thankfully, the second sock didn't suffer as many mistakes as the first (which I have ripped and saved in the train, which there's a funny row of wrong stitches on the heel, and which there's a slight remnant of a would-be ladder on the sole, and a couple of wrong rows).

I always tend to finish my knitting projects in the evenings so lighting is terrible. I'll try and take better pictures another time but here goes anyways.



Seduction Socks made with Knitpicks Palette in Sunshine on Boye DPNs, 2.75mm.

Oh and yes... the most important thing I learnt with this sock is the right twist stitch. :)

right twists


Anonymous said...

Hi there...I've sent you two emails, I hope you have received them.

Waiting for a reply.

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Dipsy said...

I totally love your Seduction socks! I knit them sometime last year and remember that the pattern was really a bit of a strange thing to do, something that also took me a while to get used to - but obviously once you got the knack, the second sock was just speeding along! And your results are very, very beautiful - and once more perfect color choice!