Wednesday, July 04, 2007

2 Socks

One of each


i finished one Seduction! See!

True Colors

I actually didn't enjoy this pattern very much. I mean the sock is nice and all but the pattern was written weird. Then again I haven't made much socks so I really shouldn't be complaining. Still, I find the instructions a bit weird. Nvm... I'll make the other sock soon. I promise.

This one is lonely...

Seduction Point

I think I'll have to cast on both Seduction sock 2 and Breeze sock 2.

They are both lonely...

Clap Your Feet

Meanwhile, on the FurFront,
Mollie says: Why can't I have a sock too, Mummy?

Can I have one, Mummy?


Lois said...

both socks looks real good~

Cindy said...

mollis is soooo cute!!

Susan said...

I think Mollie would need garters; her slender ankles wouldn't hold up the socks!

Dipsy said...

Very beautiful socks, though they're lonely ;) I made the Seduction socks a while ago too and I have to agree, the way the pattern was written was... well, a bit strange, certainly different than most of the other sock patterns I've read through (and done) so far. But you knit it up so beautifully!

alt.ayu said...

:) Thanks everyone. I'm now trying to fight all distractions and actually get the other socks done~ :P

susan, you're right! maybe i should get her some ;P