Sunday, November 18, 2007


Again defeated by the Goddess of Cast On.

After finishing up Kimono, Bib O' Love and Seduction, I was left with one project... Elfine socks. That's surprising, for me at least! Because I felt like I had to be doing more work, I forbed off casting on for a few days. That's not too bad I guess, considering that I cast on two new projects when I complete one, hehehe.

But ok I guess I'm blessed by the above-mentioned Goddess and this one-project status didn't last long. So on Friday, after contemplating for a bit, I casted on the Coquette Lace tube top from Fitted Knits. This is what it is as of this morning.

Coquette in Progress

I'm using Olympus' Cotton Novia yarn; It's really nice~~ :) Started off with Addi Turbos and then switched to Clover's Takumi when the pattern called for the switch. So far so good I guess... Working in rounds is always better. :) I plan to use a black ribbon for the top ribbing, ala Amy Lee (I mean the color scheme).

Coquette in Progress

Hopefully I can finish it by Christmas and wear it. If not there's always New Year's Day. Or my birthday.


cindytsang said...

You're fast...
I'm contemplating about passing MS3 over after seeing F.O. over ravelry. Maybe starting the spanish peacock??
It seems the entrelac is going to be in the queue for a longer time :p

iro iro said...

oooo the tube top will look so spectacular in this yarn! now i'm tempted to rip my so boring wip cami using the same yarn....

Dipsy said...

Oh my gosh, this is going to look absolutely awesome!!! What a beautiful pattern, and I'm so in love with the color of the yarn you chose - it's so warm and calm, simply beautiful! Can't wait to see more progress shots!