Tuesday, November 06, 2007

more stuff!

I'm doing the last rep on the Kimono. AS said 'It seems a bit too long' because it's for my granny and she's shorter than I am. But I was at rep 19 and 20 is a round number. I should make it 20 reps, right?

I received the sugar n cream before the weekend and then during the KO, we also got our Rakuten spree stuff!

So here's my Sugar n Cream for the warshrag/ballband dishcloths I'm planning. (thanks, Mun!)

Sugar n' Cream

And here is the Rakuten stuff.

Little Elephant kit


We're ready for another Japanese yarn spree already, rofl.


R a i n said...

That's a very cute elephant. When're you going to knit him up?

Dipsy said...

Awww, these are some real goodies that you've shown this time - especially that little elephant, I'm sooo in love with him!