Monday, August 20, 2007


Rockin' Girl Blogger Rain nominated yours truly~~! (Thanks, Rain - You Rock!~) So yes, I now get to flash this badge around my blog too! :P

Behold, ROXORZ~!!!

I'm having a difficult time since I can only nominate 5 persons, but here goes:

Lois: She knits so fast and her FOs are always fantabulous! I love what she's recently done with her blog's layout too!

Cindy: I often write 'my friend who taught me knitting' in a number of my questionnaires. Well, this friend is none other than Cindy. All thanks to her that I'm clicking the sticks in addition to my mouse now :)

Genevieve: My Rockin' pal from SP10. She's got two blogs going (like me) and I love reading them both!

Barb: Barb's always has these great links she shares on her blog. The one of the latest - knitwars has got me hooked!

Dipsy: She's having a break now but updates her blog with pictures and patterns ever so frequently!

Okay Ladies, your turn to nominate and Rock On! :D


Genevieve said...

awesome! thank you so much!!

Barb said...

Thanks for nominating me!! i'll list mine and post too my blog later tonight!!

R a i n said...

=D No problem gal! You totally deserve it!

Dipsy said...

Congratulations - and thank you ever so much for nominating me and for your kind words! I feel totally fluttered now! ;)