Friday, August 03, 2007

mmm.... gift! .... mmm

Met Nadège on tuesday for a really overdue lunch (thanks to the bug i caught).

Anyways it was a great catch up as expected and wow!~ she brought me Phildar!

here you go:

Stuff from France :D

I must say Riviera looks like some funky yarn, but it's really so soft and nice, i can already tell what the knitted project would feel like. I'm so tempted to get more of it!!

Thalassa was a personal request (that turned out to be a gift) actually and it's a cotton-seacell mix. A GREAT mix i must say since it makes the cotton much smoother.

I had a kitty photo frame and a kitty keychain with these goodies too.

No knitting done in the meantime. not even a stitch.

too busy with that interview/presentation to the panel today and not feeling too great about it.

but oh well.

i'm sleepy so maybe some stitches tomorrow.


Dipsy said...

Oh yummy, that's some goodie yarn that you got there! I totally love the color of the Thalassa, reminds me of summer, sun, the ocean... well, of all the goodies in life indeed ;) I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll knit up!

alt.ayu said...

I'm looking forward to using Thalassa myself~~~ it's really smooth! - much unlike 100% cottons~