Saturday, August 11, 2007

A little Update, A little Change

I realize not many realized I was making the Leo. I guess the promise of that never-ending sweater had its effects; I just think that yarn is destined to be never ending, so I never announced what I was doing to it.

I guess it's about time to show what little progress I've made though.

So thursday was our National Day and with it comes a lot of memories for me. I've attended three of these parades in my life and of course once was with AS; Our registration anniversary is on the same day; this year, I like really love one of the songs because I relate to it so much and also, I've decided to move my blog on that day.

AS usually has to work on National Day - for rather obvious reasons if you know where he works. (*hint: armed forces*) This year, he's not working technically, but he's not around.

So what better things to do than to try and make some progress on his Leo?

What I did during NDP

I figured (when it was 2" long) that if i did an inch everyday, I'd be shaping armholes in 2 weeks. But of course I never did an inch a day. Maybe 1/2 an inch. But I'm making progress. The last time I checked (which was late thursday night), it was 6" on both the front and back.



Yup It's 6"!

I hope the photo doesn't curse it to be 6" forever. (because that was what happened awhile back at 41cm...) But hey, if it's 6" on front and back, that means I'm knitting a bit faster than before. And that is good news. HAHA.

Oh yes, I went to Barb's site yesterday and saw this link. Maybe (just maybe) I'll be a little more motivated to be KnitWar-ring now~ It sure looks like a typical RPG game hehe (thanks for the link, Barb~!)

Meanwhile, I'm going to do up the sidebar of the new main blog today and maybe turn the 6" to 7". hehe


Barb said...

have you tried Knit Wars yet, it's hilarious, especially if you get a monster LOL

R a i n said...

Good luck on Leo!!

alt.ayu said...

Knitwars is great!!! i haven't chanced upon a monster though ~ :P

Thanks Rain!!