Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Clap along with me?

So I'm done with the increasing rows...

Done Increasing - Clapotis

I love how the yarn sort of has this sheen to it.

Clapotis Sheen

It's really smooth to knit with too, although I've heard of the yarn breaking (and when it precariously becomes very thin at some parts) I get a bit nervous. But the Tapestry's been behaving so far, and I've joined another ball! (Yayy!) A new skill learnt - that's join by felting... hehehe

Decided to work on to see what dropping the stitches look like. They look great!

First Drop!

And now i think it will go very slowly now... AS is back over the weekend and I'm not done with the second Thuja (it does go very quickly, since I take it out with me.) I can't wait (for the Thuja to be done and for AS to come back and for me to start the entrelac scarf with the Leadmine!)


iro iro said...

yum the tapestry looks gorgeous..all muted shades of blue.

Dipsy said...

Oh - this is coming along so very beautifully - and what a gorgeous yarn you're using for it! Looking forward to seeing more!

louise said...

It looks beautiful I can't wait to see it in September. Also, can't wait to see the socks.

alt.ayu said...

Thanks all.. I'm lagging a little behind the clapotis but it's moving! it really is! :) I hope to finish soon and show every the glorious blues~!