Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feel Bambou~

Do you feel it?
the cool smooth touch of the Adriatic...
go on,

Phil'Bambou in Neon look

Phil'Bambou was here today! (or rather i went to meet them)

Phil'Bambou in Adriatic~~ Yum

I was quite surprised at how small the little balls of yarn were. A little smaller than expected. The color was a little more unique then I expected too. But I like this shade even more that what I saw on the Net. I may never knit with them unlike what I planned - simply because it's Phildar and it's call Adriatic.

Bambou Art

And as if you can't get enough, here's a lonely Phil'Bambou for you.

Lone Bambou

Together with Phil', Tapestries were acquired a couple of days back. Just didn't have the time to take pictures or put them up (read: mang, millie and mollie have been popular at my flickr)

There's Whirlpool for Clapotis

Whirlpool 1

Leadmine for the Entrelac Scarf


And Rainbow for my own random act of squirreling yarn. (One more ball isn't that much more expensive... is it?)


More of Tapestries

Rainbow beneath that Whirlpool on the LeadmineTapestries

Finally, I've got home made jam accompanying the Phil', as well as pretty pictures of my beloved Lyon. mmm mmm mmm....

Home made confiture~~ delicieux!

Happy Mum's day to all Mums I know... :)

Bonne Maman

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