Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was supposed to put this up yesterday but I was just too tired. Too much going on at home...


AS left yesterday morning and on Sunday we were sleepy, packing, ironing, and all sorts of last minute stuff. I started back on Thuja only in the late evening, and thought I needed to finish it before AS leaves in the morning. So I went round after round after round, and for awhile I wondered why either the end never arrived, or his feet were getting bigger...

I must have been quite delirious.

Anyways the single Thuja was completed. Here it is.

ONE Thuja

Not a good photo - I guess I was sleepy.


And the whole of yesterday I did a couple of rows on the Kimono again. I won't have much time to work on it and I think I'll finish the Thuja first. I actually ripped it all out twice. So... it's only up to this length at the moment.

Proper Beginnings I

And another look.

Proper Beginnings II

The Sweater

Lastly I worked a few rows on The Sweater today while watching snippets of PBS's "Rumfeld's War"

I work and knit and purl and work... row after row after row...

Have you ever wondered why some things just refuse to grow? no matter how many minutes pass, how many stitches done, how many rows completed, why is this still so far from the required 59cm?!

41 4-ever

Sigh... And I'm already planning to do the sleeves together to lighten the load.

What's up next

Some considerations were in mind to start the Clapotis after my Thujas are done. But mlc found a smaller scarf version of the Eleanor - and I'll probably be working with her and c together. Well, will see what colorways are available at the LYS and hope there's something I like!


Susan said...

LOVE the progress indicators in the sidebar. Now I don't feel so bad that I have so many little projects in the works.

iroiroknits said...

nice elderberry color on the kimono shawl! and matching stitch markers too... we really know how to motivate ourselves huh?

alt.ayu said...

Thanks Susan~ I got it from this site called YarnTomato (think you can google 'percentage bar' and it'll come up) I have startitis - i just keep starting things, and I'm not afraid to admit it! HAHAHA!

hehe :D mlc, i'm really thinking of getting more markers! to collect and to use!