Monday, April 30, 2007

Knitting and Donuts

- are very therapeutic together.

At least I think so.

We had another knit out yesterday and I solved my sock problem - all thanks to Louise! :D

Knit Meet I

And we also had donuts~~ from the shop that has a neverending queue...

Donut Factory I

Thanks Lois~~

More photos here.

We trudged to GD again after the session and I was yarn squishing again... Sublime is really nice. *squish*squish*

I tried to finish the gusset for Thuja after dinner but I was really sleepy and not paying attention and the pattern didn't match. So I had to rip it and do the gusset all over again. Then - there was this hole there that didn't disappear. @#&*$

Nevermind. I think I'll do something to it when I'm all done. What's more important is that AS has a PAIR of socks.

Meanwhile work is going to go slower now that I need to do my presentation, term paper, assignment and prep for exams.


iroiroknits said...

argh.. looks like i missed out on a great session : knitting + donuts! what a great combination

bluey said...

me too... looks like i missed a great knit out session... so tied up with work nowadays...argh!!!

alt.ayu said...

don't worry~~ I'm sure we'll have as great a session the next time~~ :)

JL said...

i wish i were there !!!

louise said...

hey my company decided to keep me here another week so Susan and I are meeting at starbucks in raffles city on sunday at noon. and if the hole in your sock is where i think it is I can show you how to hide it

alt.ayu said...

Hi there~!

So sorry I couldn't make it on Sunday. It's really been hectic since that day until now. I've just finished one sock and hope to work on the next soon before I lose steam hehe :D Hope you had a good knit session on sunday!

R a i n said...

Looks like it was fun!

alt.ayu said...

;) It was~

always great to be knitting with others! :D