Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Sock Done!

There are two good thing about these little projects. It makes me do my work quicker so that I can have time to finish 'one section' of the project. It also makes me finish the piece quicker because I tend to want to do 'the next section' and the next and the next and the next... And there I go - feverishly knitting away

by the time American Idol had its first break I was here

Binding off!

Then by the second break i was here

To Bind in Ends

and by the time the show ended I was here! :D

All done!

Being my first sock, i was definitely proud of it. even though it's too small for me to wear. even though there was a little mistake. Even though there's this inexplicable 'hole' somewhere (it's somewhat smaller now, thankfully.) This sock taught me how to use dpns, how to knit a sock and the basic construction of one, it also taught me the three needle bind off. So it's a Great little Sock.

I think the wrong side looked better than the right side tho'.

The wrong side looks better

Silly me realized that there's still more than enough yarn for another sock. (the pattern says 25g) I'll probably start on that after I come back from Honolulu. I like odd numbers, but 1 is too lonely.


Mira said...

Congrats on the first sock!! I just started knitting socks not too long ago too.

JL said...

U r a fast knitter !

Love the colour too !

e said...

:) Thank you both!

Actually i'm not very fast... just had the sock fever :P
It's really fun!