Wednesday, February 04, 2009

KO with Prudence

We had a wonderful ad-hoc KO with Prudence yesterday evening. It was great fun and she shared with us a lot of her works. I really enjoyed seeing all her wonderful creations of free-form knitting.

Here's our group photo:

I worked on the child's sock for a bit and then went back to Oolong. It's here taking a coffee break with CharmEng's yarn.

Oooh I also received Birthday Yarn from Susan yesterday. So nice of her!!! It's here, and I have taken to call it my new yarn pet. Yum!!

There are more photos of the knit out yesterday here.


louise said...

I wish I had been there :(

alt.ayu said...

we wish you were here too!! :(

Jackie said...

ha, i didnt know the yarns are making friend with each other too!

R a i n said...

Looks like fun!!