Saturday, January 03, 2009


oh dear. the first post of the year and it's about frogging.

So some of you might have heard that I decided to tackle the toe ups once again. I picked widdershins from and worked with one of my KP palettes. The toes went perfectly well this time, all thanks to Judy's Magic Cast on. And even though the project strangely seemed narrow, the sock actually fitted my feet.

So I thought all was going well until, the twisted cabling became more and more tedious, the yarn seemed to become darker and darker, and I just grew more and more tired of the project. Unfortunately, being on 2 circs, the 2 socks weren't very portable especially in our crowded trains. (I'm just not very skilled with the method yet, one day I will manage) One of the reasons why I didn't switch to dpns is also because of the twisted cabling... I don't think I want to risk breaking any needles!

I have already done the gussets and today I decided I should turn the heels... And then I got very frustrated because I didn't really know what I was doing, and neither was I certain of which were the wrapped stitches.

And this project went to the frogging station. Sigh.

Clearly, this was no one's fault. Sometimes things just don't work out and I suppose this is one of them.


My resolution this year is to complete at least a pair of socks toe up!!

Meanwhile I think I'll cast on something purple...

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Yvette said...

I've never done toe-up either! Sounds scary.