Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ok so there's been some talk about how we store our yarn.

I used to just put them in ziplocks and then rebag them in opaque bags. It sort of gives the illusion that I don't have that much yarn after all. But yesterday I saw on Ravelry that I have 99 Yarns stashed. This could include single balls or single skeins of sock yarns. But whatever it is, it also means that I have 99 projects waiting for me to do.

The thing is, the 99 doesn't include some yarns which are hiding in nooks and crannies of my home.


I have new shelves.

They aren't really NEW new, but they just moved in about 2 weeks ago. My friend who's left the country gave the shelves to me. These shelves have a history, they've travelled from Paris I think, to somewhere, and then to Sarajevo, then back to Paris, and then to Singapore. Now it's going to retire here in sunny sunny Singapore.

And here's one of the shelves. (Click on the photo to get to my flickr page for more details)


This is one of the narrower ones. There are five shelves in total and two are broad, about a meter wide. And the other three are about 60cm wide each I think. The shelves are also 2.2meters tall with a depth of about 30cm. So, it's really not a lot of yarn right? :P (Yes, this doesn't include the yarns hiding in nooks and crannies as mentioned above)

Well I have two of these narrower shelves in the room, and I think when I get more yarn it will spill over to the second shelf. Which is just as fine I guess. But I might use the second shelf for finished projects and my beading stuff, I'm not sure yet.

The other shelves outside are serving their primary purpose which is to house my neverending collection of books. One of them attempts to look like my school's library.

So come yarns come, there's a lot of room for you here at chez Ayu's~~ :D


Piggilicious said...

Omgoodness! Look at all the manga!

Now my collection is feeling quite inadequate... what are some of your favorite series?

Piggilicious said...

Yeah, I ordered a set of double pointed sets because I want to try knitting doilies.

I like Samurai X too! My all time favorite is Saint Seiya, though it's not as popular in the States.