Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mang's Anouk

Anouk for Mang

Mang's Anouk

I started this because it's such a cute dress. Also, my mum has a habit of telling me how cute my cat would look in these little frocks. It was also time I tried some good cotton and this Anouk's made from Rowan's All-Seasons Cotton. I love it and I foresee many future projects with the same yarn until I get tired of its colors.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with babies, and when it came to sizing, I had no idea whether my cat is the same size as a 3mth old or a 6mth old. Obviously she has a much thicker neck than a three month old. But I only learnt that after I finished the piece. -_-'

Here's what it looks like from the back:

Mang's Anouk

Pattern: Anouk by Kate Gilbert.
Needles: Clover 4mm circs
Yarn: Rowan's All Seasons Cotton

I still like the pattern a lot and will attempt to let my cat wear it. Maybe I'll use a ribbon instead of a button so that the neckline could be adjusted for the photoshoot. :D

No pockets on this Anouk because my cat doesn't need one. hehe ;)

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Susan said...

Great colors for Mangmang. Kapas has her same color and she looks esp. lovely when lounging on towels of this shade of green. Can hardly wait to see the photos...