Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To the Guy who Exclaimed

Dear Mr. Man,

I am writing to inform you that it was not quite appropriate for you to yell about our knitting in a public place yesterday. And negatively too. Although we were not exactly upset, we were quite perturbed with your behavior. Please also note that your partner was quite embarrassed. Did you notice her sheepish smile? Did you also realize that she scurried away to place her orders because you exclaimed 'Crazy Asians! Knitting in this weather!' thus loudly?

I must apologize that I was confusing you by knitting a scarf. Perhaps I should have been knitting a breezy-looking tank. However, please realize that there are different kinds of materials yarn can be made of. Cotton, bamboo, nylon, silk and tencel are some of them. Not every ball of yarn on earth is made of wool, you know. Also, being Asian and sitting in an Asian coffeejoint doesn't mean that I'll be in the same hot and humid country 365 (+1 every four years) for the rest of my life. For your information, just like you, Asians like myself can travel too.

The data in DSW-Datareport 2006 show that out of the 15 most populous countries, 8 of them are Asian. Furthermore, Asia accounts for over 60% of the world's population. For more interesting information, please refer to the data here. The world today is very much globalized, and races do not label much anymore. If I may reiterate, people, just like yourself, travel.

In retrospect, I must admit that I have no idea where you have travelled from, and perhaps the heat must have spoilt your mood for the day. Do be informed, however, that you must have fellow countrymen/women who knit, and must be appalled if they heard of your biased comment. I urge you to think before you exclaim about crafters in future, for we knitters unite with our needles whether they are straights or circs or dpns, bamboo or metal or plastic, regardless of race, language or religion.

Yours Sincerely,
The 'Crazy' Asian Knitter


phuazzie said...

how rude! maybe he didn't think you understood english *roll eyes*

Ing. said...

He, you should have taken a snapshot and post him here. :P

K8 said...

Wow? Seriously? How rude!

bluey said...

ignorant man..

Susan said...

Oh! I wish I had been there! What would he have said to see an ang mo knitting you? Would probably think that you were corrupting me, heheheh.

JL said...

Well said, thank you.

inoriz said...

What an ass!