Thursday, February 14, 2008



I finished my vday project in time.

Here it is sans blocking.

Antrelac Part II

Oh and because the yarn is so colorful, there are some parts which were totally not repeated and I am absolutely in love with this little mint triangle. The color only appeared once in all three balls and that makes it all the more special! Note: It doesn't look very minty here but it really is in person.

Antrelac Part II

Here's the first part of the pair, just in case you've forgotten. It's also pictured (although not very well) here.


And here they are together


The reason why I'm calling them Antrelac is really because of our names. (how cheesy actually but well) I chose to do scarves this time for two reasons. One is of course I wanted to learn entrelac. And the other is I felt that I didn't actually make a proper scarf for AS. I mean yea, I did the dark blue one in Zhivago long ago but it felt more like a 'I should make a scarf' rather than something I really put my heart into, with the intention of gifting it. I guess.


Antrelac II
Antrelac Part I

Antrelac (pattern: Entrelac Scarf from Allison Knits)
Done with Rowan's Tapestry, Antrelac I in Leadmine and Antrelac II in Rainbow, with Clover 4.5mm circulars.

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