Thursday, February 15, 2007

Phildar on Vday!

So the postman rang the doorbell and the much awaited package arrived from Lyon!
:D valentine's surprise
Even Millie was intrigued
millie checks out mail II

So here's a preview of what was in there
samples from the package

cool in the background

Of course being excited about everything, I had to flip (with the trembling hands) through the book.
There are two things in there that i'd love to make and another which... if i EVER finish that sweater (yes i would i would) I'd like that for myself too.

These I'd like to make
shortlisted 1

shortlisted 2

and this i would like too...if i finish the sweater!... It's so cool!
i'd buy this

Here's a look at all the yarn - Phildar's Cotton Microfibre

yarn sculpture

great balls of yarn

I haven't thought of what to do with them yet... perhaps later... 


Mei said...

You sent yourself stuff?!???? :P

Speaking of Lyon, I need to take a pic of the stash I got... :P

e said...

lol no!!
it's from my family friends there. cos the sale only started after i left... bleh... and being the first time doing yarn shopping i was a bit overwhelmed as to what to get then :P

take take! i'd love to see what you've got! :)